Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Argentina: Part 2

A complete change of scenery greeted us in Bariloche; beautiful blue lakes, vast mountain ranges and lots of greenery, making a nice change from the hauntingly beautiful but somewhat desolate Patagonian Steppe. We managed a few new birds in and around Bariloche, and my favourite and a bird that I was very keen to see before we came was a Burrowing Parrot. We found a small and very noisy flock on the edge of a dirt track and they were just as pretty as I´d imagined. We were able to watch these two below as they courted, which ended in success!

Burrowing Parrots wooing
Chimango Caracara nearby. In the running for most common bird of the trip
We slowly started winding our way North through mile upon mile of breathtaking scenery as we explored Nahuel Huapi National Park. The almost empty dirt roads proved an excellent source of birds, and as we drove we spotted some cracking birds including Ashy-headed Goose, Chilean Flicker, and California Quail (introduced I know, but splendid none-the-less).

I do love geese!

Chilean Flicker digging for worms!

Very HandsomeCalifornia Quail

We hit our 100th species just outside our hotel in Villa La Angostura, in the form of a pair of Franklin Gulls. Strange to think that a few weeks previous we were at Blashford Lakes hoping to catch a glimpse of the individual there. I love Blashford, but this location just about piped it.

Franklins Gull - the big 100!

The view from our hotel!

Thats all for now. I have many more stories but the internet cafe is about to shut for lunch and we have a trip to Cueva de los Manos awaiting us!

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