Tuesday, 8 April 2014

One swallow.....

As the winds have turned to the west, things have quietened down in recent days. With most of the lingering migrants clearing out and being replaced by the Puffins which made an appearance on mass today, cleaning out burrows and catching up with each other. A welcome migrant yesterday came in the form of our first Swallow of the year; and every year seeing them for the first time again always brings a sharp reminder just how majestic these birds are. Another big highlight was the discovery of an adult Iceland Gull in the roost, which then gave a wonderful fly-by as we stood on the roof of the Pele Tower. Other than that, Sandwich Tern numbers are increasing every day, and we eagerly await the arrival of our other tern species, and hopefully some nice migrants in the coming weeks!

Bridled Guillemot taking flight

Pretty poor record shot of our first Swallow of the year

Smart Fieldfare in the Veg Patch

Another poor record shot of the adult Iceland Gull, not doing this beautiful bird justice!

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