Tuesday, 22 April 2014

When the wind blows from the east....

The migrants turn up. And so they have done, with some cracking birds over the last few days. The uncontested highlight was a Wryneck that was found on Lady's Path yesterday and gave incredible views for all of 30 seconds before making its way around the island and proving very tricky to pin down again. Alongside the Wryneck we've had a female Ring Ouzel present , plenty of Chiffchaffs and a few Willow Warblers (some proving incredibly tricky to separate), a superb male Blackcap and male Redstart, a not-so-superb Brambling, a Garden Warbler and a pair of Wigeon today. The more permanent fixtures include Robin, Wheatear, Song Thrush and a pair of Shoveler.
As I look out the window now, the weather is looking grotty and the easterlies continue to gently blow, which is a great sign for us here on the islands (in rare bird terms)!! We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the Wryneck was just the start of things to come!

Glorious male Redstart

Showing off his tail! Such a shame about the small twig crossing his beak!

Male Blackcap showing down to a few feet

Female type Brambling, sweet and showing very well

As for the seabirds, we have our first Puffin eggs, and the Brownsman team found the first Guillemot egg of the year, so the countdown begins. We are also expecting the return of our Arctic Terns any day now! The peace and quiet e have on the islands at the moment is drawing closer and closer to its end.

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