Thursday, 12 June 2014

Rub of the Green

Another lovely week of sun, another lovely week of wildlife in which the colour green featured heavily. Firstly on the Farnes; not a rare bird but a rare moth! Possibly a first for the islands and definitely a scarcity in Northumberland (less than 200 individuals) a Green Silver-lines was a lovely surprise in the moth trap on Tuesday morning!

What a stunner

Green Silver-lines

Then on our day off, Lana and I headed north to John Muir country park with the intention of a nice walk/the possibility of connecting with the Greenish Warbler. After a lovely walk in the wrong direction, we eventually found the site and saw the bird instantly as it samg its heart out twenty metres above us in a pine tree. Unfortunately the light and the birds location made photographing it rather tricky.

Singing away!

Greenish Warbler with striking supercilium!

The country park was also a beautiful place for a walk, with pine woodland, dunes and Bass Rock in the background, it made for a lovely afternoon stroll where we also spotted singing yellowhammer, Small Heath, Small Copper and Northern Marsh Orchid.

Small Copper enjoying the sun

Small Heath in abundance along the dunes

Northern Marsh Orchid

And to end with once again, which is in danger of becoming a running theme; something cute. In fact, it's another Arctic Tern chick. After a few days of hatching, they are mobile and very good at hiding, so in order to help us identify which nest they are from, and track them in the future, we ring them. This little fellow from nest 97 is only a few days old, and by the end of the year will be loitering around the pack ice of Antarctica! Truly truly remarkable.

Tiny life!

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